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How KingFisher Publishing brings beautiful books into the world

Many of us dream of becoming published authors but don’t move past the draft phase because we are put off by the idea of sending our work to publishers. This month we spoke to Therese Fisher from KingFisher Publishing to discuss her love of books, inspiring the next generation of writers, and overcoming that fear of putting your words out into the world.

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The new Privacy Act is around the corner. Are you ready?

From 1st December 2020, New Zealand will be under a new Privacy Act. This is the first time the act has been updated in over 27 years and affects the way businesses and organisations collect, store and disclose personal information.

Four products from the Natural Me skin care range

Natural Me

We talk with Katherine Jefferies, founder and owner of Natural Me Skincare. Katherine is on a mission to help people feel confident in their skin and not shy away from the activities they love.

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Jon Dunning, Business Designer

Jon is a business designer, coach and leadership training facilitator. He shares about his work and what drives him to do what he does.

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