Our team

Two Sparrows is based in Tāmaki Makaurau, working with clients from all around Aotearoa, and sometimes beyond. Led by Imelda & Tim Morgan, our team includes skilled subcontractors and collaborators who help us produce the quality services we offer.

Imelda Morgan

Director & Designer

Fakaalofa lahi atu, kia ora, hello. If we haven’t met yet, I am looking forward to doing so! I am of Niuean (my father was born in Tuapa) and Pākehā descent and with my husband Tim we have three sons, and one daughter-in-law. I know what it’s like juggling family and running a business, as so many of our clients do – it’s both joyful and chaotic!

I love a good book, and a good story, paired with a good coffee at a local West Auckland cafe. I also make some mean date scones.

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Tim Morgan

Technical Lead

Tim doesn’t like to be “pigeon-holed” into one role – he moves comfortably across many, some of which include Technical Lead for Two Sparrows, husband, father, maker of music, listener of music, student of music (actually, anything to do with music…). Tim prefers to be behind the scenes, where he can focus, so you’re more likely to meet him at a music gig than in a business meeting!

If you do get to chat with him, ask him about his home-built synthesizer, meeting Radiohead’s drummer, and what he’s most recently got in his Spotify queue!

Two Sparrows

People often ask about the meaning behind the name ‘Two Sparrows’. Two Sparrows was started back in 2010 by three creative friends, Becs Conolly, Charlie Baker and Imelda Morgan, as something that they could do together, around their other jobs and commitments. As we all shared a Christian faith, the name is a reference to a Bible verse (Matthew 10:29-31), which talks about how even the insignificant (sparrows) are known and cared for by God. We didn’t start out thinking we’d be giant eagles or moa!

Over the years, Becs and Charlie have moved on to other passions, and Imelda’s husband, Tim is part of the team. We work with amazing contractors from time to time, and are always interested in hearing from designers and developers who might be available for contract work at times.

Two Sparrows regularly supports charities and initiatives that are helping our country and society to be better and do better for our people and environment.

Sparrows photo by Nils Lindner on Unsplash

two sparrows perched on a concrete wall.