You’ve written a book!

First off, we’ve got so much respect for you! You had the vision and guts to make this happen. You’ve slogged over your work for months – maybe even years.

We find this really exciting – we love books, and have a large dose of respect for anyone who has the vision and ability and courage to put their words in the hands of others to devour.

What’s next?

Before your words get sent out into the world, you know it needs a designer’s eye. You want to get it self-published, but it’s not even formatted. Indents? Line spacing? Layout?  Illustrations and photos? A cover that shines?

Breathe. You’ve done your bit.

Two Sparrows works with you to transform your manuscript into a beautifully formatted and lovingly designed book ready to be published. We develop a layout and a cover that compliments your work – whether it’s a recipe book, illustrated children’s book, novel or memoir. We love all things print and design, so we know what works and what the publishers need. And when you’re ready to press print, we can do that do.

If it’s a life-story or memoir that you have been working on, we have a competitive Memoir Package available. Find out more here.

Let’s go!

We’d love to talk to you about your ideas and dreams for publishing your own book – and see it become your reality. Get in touch and let’s make it happen!

Let's meet

    We can't wait to hear about your book. Contact us for a no-obligation catch up about your project.



    Leave a legacy for the future

    We have put together a resource to help you get started on telling your life story. We are here to support you through this process, and eventually get your memoir turned into a book that you can hold in your hands and gift to your family. Get started by downloading this free resource (click the image).