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Katherine Jefferies, founder and owner of Natural Me Skincare, is on a mission to help people feel confident in their skin and not shy away from the activities they love. She also knows that we don’t need nasty chemicals in our skincare products to make them effective. That’s why she created Natural Me Skincare.
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About Natural Me Skincare

Natural Me Skincare products are designed to help our skin do its wonderful job of looking after our body and protecting us. As well as contributing towards glowing, naturally healthy skin, they are perfectly suited to care for and soothe eczema-prone skin, psoriasis, acne and more.

How did it all start?

Seven years ago, Katherine’s daughter was diagnosed with eczema as a baby. Following multiple dermatologist visits and doctors’ appointments they tried so many things. But Katherine was not happy with the results.

Growing up with bad acne and rosacea herself, Katherine thought that burning skin was something she had to put up with. Deeply self-conscious, she would wear large glasses when she went out to hide her face. Not only did her skin troubles impact her self-confidence, it was also really upsetting as a mum to see her daughter suffer the itchiness and – sometimes intense – discomfort from eczema.

Kathryn, founder of Natural Me, sits in an outdoor setting

Finding hope with natural ingredients

Not satisfied with the options available to her – her daughter’s eczema would flare up again just as soon as Katherine stopped applying the prescribed creams – she began doing her own research and experimenting with natural ingredients. She found that raw ingredients – like cocoa, mango, and shea butters, and essential oils like geranium essential oil – combined with naturally-derived ingredients like Coenzyme Q10 and provitamin B5, can alleviate many issues and enhance our skin’s appearance. Katherine says, “I got to the point where my daughter’s eczema is under control and I can now go outside without layers of make-up on my face. And that’s by going down a natural path.”

A personal journey becomes a business

After seeing the results on her skin and her daughter’s, Katherine’s friends soon became interested and asked to get their hands on her products. Word spread amongst more family and friends. It was then that Katherine realised she could make this work as a natural skincare business.

Not letting your skin hold you back from living your life

Katherine knows that what we put on our bodies is just as important as our lifestyle and diet, and that many people are held back by problematic skin. She describes how one of her friends’ kids couldn’t go swimming because the chlorine would cause a nasty reaction. They tried Natural Me’s Skin Calm product and now she can swim comfortably.

Feel empowered to make a natural choice

All Natural Me Skincare products are made for people who are conscious of what they put on their body and want to feel empowered to decide what goes on their family’s skin. While Skin Calm was developed to help her daughter’s eczema, it can also help soothe scratches and nappy rash, and free breastfeeding mums from the pain of sore, cracked nipples.

Sustainably sourced ingredients and responsible packaging

Most of Natural Me’s ingredients are organic and all are sustainably sourced. What’s more, their glass or aluminium packaging is fully recyclable. Providing they’re in good condition, Katherine also lets you return your empty containers – where they are cleaned and sanitised to be refilled for new products.

How Two Sparrows helped

We were thrilled to work with Katherine. We created a colour palette and logo for Natural Me Skincare, and designed new labels for their range.


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